VARYAG Closed Joint Stock Company is a boat construction company, that is specialized in design and construction of the following wooden boats for various purposes:

  • Sea tour and study tour boats of up to 100 tons displacement
  • Pleasure motor-sailing boats
  • Targeted and tourist trip boats
  • Motor fishing boats
  • Commercial fishing boats
  • ship boats (YAL-2, YAL-4, YAL-6)
  • 2,5 to 5,5 m long rowing and sailing boats for pleasure trips

Our company has a rich experience in construction of ancient style copy boats, such as sailing and rowing boats of XVIII century, Russian river and sea boats of XV – XVII centuries, as well as minor copies of boats for movie shooting.


  • traditional and modern construction technologies and materials
  • boats completely assembled with equipment produced by leading Russian and foreign manufacturers;
  • special purpose equipment and universal rigging, that can be used in different types of boats with different dimensions, lines and body structures;
  • Individual approach to each customer, design in accordance with customer’s likes and interests;
  • Traditional decoration with carving, made by experienced professionals.
  • Design and construction pursuant to requirements of Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, Det Nordsky Veritas   

The personnel of our company are experienced ship builders with specialized education and big experience on huge ship construction factories, one of the best representatives of the Northern wooden ship construction school.

The boats built in our company are used inRussia, but also in Europe and theUnited States.  Since 1992 we have participated in various festivals of wooden marine vessels, various exhibitions and regattas. Their excellent navigation properties, high durability and unordinary view make our boats different from other ones.

We apply only high quality construction materials and use thorough assembling technologies, that make out boats last long. Ecologically safe natural wood we use in construction makes the passengers feel comfortable and creates warm and healthy atmosphere.